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Sunny Style: Choosing the Perfect Beach Wedding Outfit for Men

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Beach Wedding Attire for Grooms

Hello there, beach-loving gents! We know you're here because you're either planning your dreamy Pensacola beach wedding or have been invited to one, right? Well, you're in luck!

We know these types of weddings are all about embracing the sun, sand, and the surf, offering a more relaxed, yet romantic atmosphere that's just truly unbeatable. But when it comes to men's wedding attire for the beach, striking the right balance between being underdressed and overdressed can be a little bit challenging.

But don't worry. We, at Gold Coast Event Services, are here to help!

Unraveling the Dress Code: Beach Wedding Men’s Attire

Tips for Men’s Beach Wedding Outfits

If you're used to a more traditional wedding setting, the idea of a seaside wedding might somehow throw you for a loop. So, first things first, let's decode the dress code and make sense of it all.


When we say 'casual,' we mean comfortable and relaxed, but still on the stylish side and wedding-appropriate. This is like the kind of look that says, "I'm here to celebrate love, but I'm also here to enjoy this beautiful shore."

Imagine wearing your linen shorts –they're light, breathable, and perfect for the seashore party. Then pair them with your favorite button-down shirt, maybe in a light color or even a fun tropical print if you'd like. Then for shoes? Flip-flops are just your best friend here! They're comfortable and easy to walk in on the sand, and they just add this laid-back vibe that we're aiming for.


If the invitation says something like 'formal but not too formal', it's a notch above casual, but still very much in tune with the setting, like a balance between relaxed and refined.

Chinos or dress pants are your go-tos here. Opt for a lighter color to keep the beachy vibe going. We would also suggest going for a light-colored shirt, which not only looks great but helps keep you cool under the sun too. And if you want to add an extra touch of elegance, consider throwing on your blazer or maybe your suit jacket. Just make sure it's lightweight so you don't overheat!


Now, this is where things get a bit more…polished! But remember, this is still a wedding at the beach, so comfort and coolness are the key!

A lightweight suit is what you want here. Linen or cotton suits in neutral tones like beige or the color of light grey are perfect–they're formal, yes–but not too stuffy. Then underneath, your crisp white shirt always works wonders. Shoes? You don't need your formal leather shoes this time. Ditch them and go for some leather sandals instead--giving you that formal look with a very beachy twist.

Outfit Ideas: Beach Wedding Attire Men Edition

Groomsmen Beach Wedding Outfits

Based on our research and experience, here are some top picks for you:

Bright Color Guayabera Shirt

If you're looking to add a splash of color, the traditional Caribbean shirt, made from high-quality linen, is not only stylish but also incredibly practical for you!

Its lightweight, breathable material keeps you cool under the hot summer, while the bright color adds a vibrant, festive touch to your look. Plus, their distinctive pleats and embroidery add an element of sophistication that sets it apart from your regular button-down shirt.

Linen Suit

Its light, natural tone perfectly complements the sandy seafront and blue waters, creating a harmonious, picture-perfect look.

With its material that is breathable and comfortable (even in warm weather), paired with a lightweight shirt, you've got a formal yet seashore-appropriate outfit that's sure to turn heads!

Relaxed-Fit Button-Down & Linen Shorts

Yes! Our favorite! This combo is a no-brainer–the perfect balance between comfort and style.

They give you plenty of room to move and dance while keeping you cool under the sun. Choose light or pastel colors for a soft, beachy vibe, or go bold with some vibrant tropical prints–anyway, the choice is yours!

Let's Get You Suited Up!

Choosing the right beach wedding attire doesn't have to be stressful. With our men's attire beach wedding tips, we hope you feel confident to choose one that reflects your personal style and fits the beachy vibe perfectly.

And once you're ready to start planning your dream beach wedding,

Contact Us and Let's Get Your Gold Coast Events Started!

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