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To Bustle or Not to Bustle

Updated: Feb 25

Bustling up for the wedding reception
Bustle or not to bustle

The wedding dress is the most crucial item for the bride. I ask our clients during our finest consultation, what is the most essential detail that they want for the big day. Bride: "My dress" and the groom: "alcohol" and whatever she wants. I have done thousands of weddings and 80% of our couples answer just like that everytime.

Over the next couple of months, the bride goes shopping for white, ivory, champagne, blush, and hot pink, and yes, I have had a hot pink dress coming down the aisle. It's the most thrilling day to lay eyes upon "the dress", the one your heart screams out for. You try it on, it is perfect.

As a wedding planner when we go over items that they will need for the ceremony and reception, I always as, do you have a long train? 85% of the time they do, I will get you through and down the aisle by holding it so it doesn't get snagged or dirty. Right before the last few steps, I fix the beautiful train which is a show stopper, to go down the aisle with the bride.

I know the focus of this blog post is to bustle the wedding gown or not to bustle. Just watching a video on the knot looks cumbersome. Your dress is beautiful, fantastic over the top but by the time you get to the reception, you are over it. Time to bustle. the bride and the bridesmaids head to a private area to bustle the bride up. 5 minutes pass, 15 minutes pass, now the mom is going in, then I hear get Keree, the wedding planner who will know how to do it. The wedding planner does not have her glasses on her head to see the very small button or the very small stitch to go over the button.

Father daughter dance
Father Daugter dance Bustled or not to bustle

The bride and every bridesmaid, grandmother, and Aunt are in there with you, no one can figure it out. Now you are the BIM "Bride is Missing" now you have been gone for 30 minutes. All of your lovely guests are starving and really just want you to cut the cake so they can go back to their hotel. This is our quandary to bustle or not to bustle, I scream "no to Bustle."Everyone is agitated and you are missing your reception. This special time of the reception to greet all of your guests, drink champagne, and eat for the first time all day, just one small nibble on canapes'.

If you must bustle, have the bridal store, the seamstress, or yourself mark those areas with bright pink ribbon to make it a quick and swift bustle. Kind of like crime tape under your dress. Practice bustling getting to know your dress to make it easier on everyone, according to this article they only make 3 kinds of bustles, watch and learn and be aware when you go out shopping about your bustle. Do it for yourself and the wedding planner who can't find her glasses. You are now gorgeous and your dress will swoon just like you imagined while twirling.

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